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A good mentor can help you understand and express your inner purpose. Keep in mind that mentoring is a two-way street. It’s a connection between people, not a transactional relationship. Spend time getting to know the people you admire, help them out whenever possible, and remember it’s unusual for a single individual to be able to provide everything you need. There are five types of people you should surround yourself with. 

The Expert

Find an expert if you want to be the best in your industry, whether it be the most outstanding editor, football quarterback, or entrepreneur. This individual may serve as your Jedi master; they have the knowledge that comes from years of experience and can help you develop your talents and give insight into your business. Go to this individual when you need guidance on starting a new project or generating ideas for your upcoming projects. He argues that they ought to assist you in discovering, realizing, and honing your skills to achieve the highest perfection possible.

The Supporter

Having a mentor in your present employment who will promote you to others is critical. These are individuals who are your supporters and who have your back. But they’re more than simply motivators; often, they may also act as connectors, exposing you to influential figures in your field.

The copilot

The finest mentoring relationships are those where there is reciprocity. You are peers who are dedicated to helping one another. The co-pilot is a coworker who can help you with tasks, provide guidance on interacting with the many personalities at your workplace, or listen to you rant over a cup of coffee—additionally, the quality of your job and your level of participation increase when you have a copilot.

The Anchor

This individual doesn’t have to be a professional in your field; they might be a friend or relative. Your anchor acts as a confidante and sounding board. Everyone will experience setbacks and uncertainties throughout life. Find someone who can boost your spirits and enable you to see the bright side of difficult situations. The anchor may be incredibly enlightening regarding prioritizing, attaining work-life balance, and maintaining your principles.

The Mentee

Mentors have just as much to gain from spending time with their mentees. This holds especially true when there is a broad age difference, as industry trends change and technology moves quickly. Adaptation is just as important as knowledge and experience.