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MENTOR is a non-profit organization that was formed to increase opportunities for young people. Since the beginning, their objective has been establishing a youth mentoring sector and movement in the United States and worldwide. For over 30 years, the founders of MENTOR have been working on expanding opportunities for young people by establishing a network of youth mentoring programs. Since its inception, the number of young people in formal mentoring relationships has jumped from hundreds of thousands to millions.

MENTOR is an organization known for creating an inclusive and diverse environment. They are dedicated to raising awareness about the need for a transformative relationship between young people and their mentors. Through varied perspectives, this company provides young people with the necessary support and encouragement to succeed.

They understand that leaders are people who are passionate about serving others. MENTOR is committed to being transparent, authentic, and responsible. The team at MENTOR also believes that equality, trust, and respect create an environment where everyone can improve and excel. 

The organization brings civic leaders, employers, and stakeholders to expand their projects and ideas. This allows them to ensure that all young people have mentor access, regardless of economic status or geographical location. Through an inclusive movement, the staff at MENTOR connects and inspires young people worldwide. The creation and growth of new and existing MENTOR affiliates will allow them to expand their global reach and impact.

The National Mentoring Summit is the movement’s biggest event of the year. It brings experts from various fields to discuss the latest trends and strategies. This event also allows individuals from different backgrounds to connect and form new connections.

The National Mentoring Summit will be held at the Renaissance Downton in Washington, DC. There will also be a virtual component added so others can participate. The 13th annual National Mentoring Summit will be held from January 25 to 27, 2023. 

In addition, On January 25, 2023, Capitol Hill Day will again take place in Washington, DC. Join thousands of mentoring peers by registering to take part. Capitol Hill Day registration closes on Friday, January 13. After this date, they cannot accept any more participants.


Capitol Hill Day is a significant advocacy occasion that brings together Members of Congress and their staff with mentors, advocates, professionals, and young people from all over the nation. Topics discussed will include laws and policies to put in place to increase access to high-quality mentoring opportunities.


All Summit registrants who reside in the United States are welcome to attend Capitol Hill Day.