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A company’s culture is a very vital aspect of the running of every enterprise. The culture within the business determines the productivity of the venture. Therefore, companies need to strengthen their cultures, as every sector deals with the impacts of COVID-19. Employees and the rest of the stakeholders face difficult times, and company management should focus more on strengthening the business’ culture to boost their productivity.

 The following are ways businesses may improve their culture during the pandemic:

1. Measure the effectiveness of the existing company’s culture.

 Assessing and measuring the company’s culture’s effectiveness helps identify the gaps and find the appropriate remedies to strengthen the culture. The results of the whole process will increase the crew’s satisfaction.

2. Reliable and effective communication.

 As things get tricky due to uncertainty, company managers should create more effective means of communication. Some employees work remotely, and managers should find new communication channels to ensure all employees remain connected to up-to-date information. The employees should stay up-to-date on upcoming events and activities through virtual meetings. Since in-office meetings are not effective anymore, companies should embrace video conferencing, email, and video calls to communicate with all stakeholders. Clear communication creates employees’ trust in the company’s management.

3. Focus on the wellbeing of all stakeholders.

 Businesses should invest in the welfare of the stakeholders, especially the employees and customers. Managers should hold quarterly check-in with individual employees to learn about their needs and concerns. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a decline in workers’ mental health; hence they should be given all the support they can get. Employees require to be given wellbeing support for them to remain committed to their tasks, thus becoming more productive.

 Companies should hold wellness week, consisting of sessions training employees on managing anxiety and galvanizing grit. During the sessions, employees get knowledge on how to stay healthy through home workouts. Some companies even offer a day off in the morning for employees to practice YOGA and meditation. Prioritization on employees’ self-care will make the workplace a conducive environment for spending the whole day.

4. Create an inclusive environment.

 Companies should embrace diversity and inclusion of all people from different races. The world has experienced unrest due to racism, and companies should focus on making the existing systems offer equitable opportunities for all. Employees should also learn how to eliminate unconscious bias and micro-aggression to increase inclusivity in the workplace.