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Getting to know a mentor can be hard in our busy lives. It can be hard to establish a relationship with someone new, and it can be even harder to motivate ourselves. Having a mentor can help us push ourselves to reach our goals and keep us motivated. A single mentor often doesn’t feel like enough though. A great alternative is to listen to a few mentorship podcasts. These can act as virtual mentors of sorts, as well as just teaching you more about being a good mentor or mentee. Here are a few great podcasts on mentorship worth checking out this year.

The Reverse Mentoring Experience

The Reverse Mentoring Experience is a podcast hosted by Ieva Gaigala, the founder and CEO of REVOLYX. She talks about the various aspects of reverse mentoring and how it can help people develop their talents. She also shares inspirational stories about the concept and how it can help people succeed in their careers.

Face To Face Mentoring

Jayme Hull is the host of the Face To Face Mentoring Podcast, where she talks about her own experiences as a mentor and the stories of others who have experienced similar situations. Each week she publishes 2 episodes: one sharing tips for mentoring, and the other featuring honest conversations with her guests about their own mentoring experiences.

The goal of the show is to provide a variety of topics that will help people become more effective and successful mentors. No topic is off-limits, as long as the relationship is honest and transparent. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please subscribe to the show and tell everyone that you know about it.

The Coaching and Mentoring Podcast

The goal of the show is to provide a variety of topics that will help people become more effective and successful mentors. Host Dave Tee is joined by a wide range of guests who are experts in the field of coaching. Each episode features a different approach to addressing the issue of how to respond to and connect with others. The show is brought to you by the Wales Coaching Centre at the University of South Wales, which supports the development and growth of coaches through training, qualifications, and practice.

Rise Up Mentoring Podcast: Advice to Help You Succeed

The goal of the Rise Up Mentoring Podcast is to encourage and inspire students while providing them with the advice they need to succeed in their careers and life. Through the conversations of successful and inspiring students, you will be able to receive the necessary advice to become the best version of yourself.