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Steph Curry

Steph is an excellent example for young people because he conducts himself professionally and traveled an unusual route to get where he is. He has faced a lot of hardship during his career to eventually rise to the title of greatest NBA player. He also impacts lives off the court, as proven by the NBA Kia Community Assist Award he received. Steph Curry has worked tirelessly to give back to the Bay Area, often working with the region’s underprivileged youngsters.

Michael Oher

For the NFC Champion Panthers, offensive lineman Michael Oher did more than play. He also served as the inspiration for the movie The Blind Side. Oher’s tale demonstrates to us that any at-risk youngster may achieve their full potential with the assistance of a responsible, loving adult. Sadly, many young people in today’s society are in a situation similar to that of Oher, but with the aid of Big Brothers and other mentors, they can succeed in life and write their own “Blind Side” stories.

Larry Fitzgerald

Finding a player or supporter who could criticize Larry Fitzgerald would be difficult. The seasoned wide receiver has a lengthy history of being one of the best playmakers at his position while maintaining a demure and refined demeanor. He was honored with the 2014 Art Rooney award for his remarkable sportsmanship. Off the field, Fitz started the First Down Fund to support various worthwhile community projects for children. He has received countless accolades and awards from the NFL and sports journalists for all this labor.

Chris Paul

Chris is one of the most under-appreciated athletes of the last ten years. His peers in the NBA and ambitious kids look up to him because of how he conducts himself both on and off the court. Paul is often seen giving back to the community via his charity, which focuses primarily on children and families. 

Clayton Kershaw

When it comes to volunteering, Clayton always comes through. The southpaw started the Kershaws Challenge to assist vulnerable, poor kids in Dallas, LA, Zambia, and the Dominican Republic. He aims to provide them with a better quality of life and opportunity. Kershaw gives to the cause for each strikeout he throws.

Russell Wilson 

Russell had a challenging path to fame. He overcame several obstacles, including his 5′ 11″ height, to start as the starting quarterback and go on to win the Super Bowl. Even more admirable is the way Wilson conducts himself off the field. He often visits Seattle Children’s Hospital and hosts numerous football clinics and activities for young people in the neighborhood. He founded the Why Not You Foundation to encourage young people worldwide to trust themselves and realize their full potential.