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It’s commonly believed today that having a mentor can make or break the level of an individual’s success in today’s business world. Sure, you can achieve success without a mentor, but having one is what oftentimes separates successful people from true winners. If you were to look at some of the most successful individuals on the planet in 2022, you’d see that many of them attribute much of their success to their own mentors. Here are a few notable individuals who had mentors at some point in their careers.

Mark Zuckerberg

During Facebook’s early years, Mark Zuckerberg started receiving mentoring from Steve Jobs, Apple’s chairman, and CEO. The two of them would often visit Jobs’ temple in India to reflect on their vision for the company. Their mentorship and friendship remained strong until the day Job’s passed away in 2011, with Zuckerberg still attributing much of his success to the relationship they fostered over the years to this day.

J.J. Abrams

When J.J. Abrams was 16 years old, he won a young filmmaker award, and during this time, he was asked by Speilberg to transfer some of his old movies to tape. Impressed by his work, the two of them developed a long and prosperous relationship. Eventually, Abrams would go on to direct some incredibly successful films, such as Star Trek and Mission: Impossible III. Eventually, the two went on to work together, making the film Super 8, followed by Abrams taking on the powerhouse of a franchise known as Star Wars. All of this has led Abrams’s films to become some of the highest-grossing films of all time, something that might not have happened if it weren’t for his relationship with Spielberg.

Barack Obama

Before they got together, Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson worked together. During their time as coworkers, Michelle was actually Barack’s mentor. In 2011, Obama opened up about how incredibly influential Michelle has been in his life, claiming he’d never be where he is now without her mentorship. This is just proof that mentorship can come in many shapes and sizes, and sometimes we need someone in our corner if we’re to achieve the great success we dream of.

Lady Gaga

A mentor doesn’t always need to fit the more traditional mold of helping someone achieve business success, and the relationship between Lady Gaga and Elton John is proof of that. Gaga has often talked about her struggle with self-acceptance after a trauma-filled past, and she believes that Elton John played a large role and continues to play a large role in her recovery from this trauma. She claims that Elton has challenged her to take care of herself and her art and that the emotional support he gave her has helped her come further than she ever believed she could.