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Reynaldo Perez D.C.


Alongside his dedicated career in chiropractic, Renaldo Perez D.C. is a huge advocate for mentorship on both a professional and developmental level.

Reynaldo Perez’s first experience in mentorship was through Habitat for Humanity, where he got involved in building homes. Through this program, they offered a mentorship program looking for resources on how to recruit individuals more effectively. Reynaldo reached out and got started with recruiting. He began speaking with students and other teens and young adults, sharing his story and helping to teach them different trades. The goal of the mentorship program is to teach these individuals different trades so that they can attain steady, well-paying jobs. 

In his professional career, Reynaldo Perez D.C. is a skilled chiropractor and the CEO, Owner, and Founder of Florida Wellness and Rehabilitation Centers. Here, he combines his passion for healthcare with his business acumen at the center to offer the highest quality and most compassionate care in rehabilitation and wellness. 

At Florida Wellness and Rehabilitation Centers, Reynaldo Perez D.C. and the rest of the team aim to maximize the total health potential of each patient while providing the best rehabilitative experience available. They are committed to staying up-to-date on the latest treatments and technologies while educating and encouraging our patients to be active participants in their own treatment and health. 

Reynaldo Perez D.C. knew – from his youth – that he wanted to pursue a career in the sciences. Most interested in biology and the health sciences in high school, he initially considered studying dentistry professionally. However, while deciding how to direct his career, he was introduced to the field of chiropractic through the father of his girlfriend at the time. He learned how chiropractic can help people recover from illnesses and regain control of their health. His interest was piqued, and he headed down the academic path towards chiropractic. 

As a healthcare professional – and especially as a chiropractor – Reynaldo Perez D.C.’s philosophy on healthcare is simple: we have an innate force within us that helps heal our bodies and – as long as the body’s ability isn’t inhibited – the body will work to heal itself. Through his practice, Reynaldo works to remove those interferences from the spine so that the nervous system can again function properly. He also fully integrates Western medicine into his work, combining chiropractic with nutrition and medicine to offer a holistic approach to wellness and cover all areas of his patients’ health. 

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